How to lock hard disk partition to Win7 taskbar

Windows 7's taskbar is a thing that makes a lot of people shine, especially the way to lock the application to the taskbar. It can also clean the desktop without increasing the number of mouse clicks on the launcher. So, have you tried to lock a partition to the taskbar? If you tried it, you will feel sorry, because Microsoft does not want us to do this. First, the right-click partition does not have "Lock to the taskbar". The options, secondly, if you try to drag and drop, you will find that you can only add partitions to the Windows Explorer jumplist instead of the taskbar (as shown below).

Fortunately, there is an old saying called "The road to nowhere", we can use some special means to bypass the system restrictions, and the method is not complicated, it can be solved in half a minute.
1, create a new text on the desktop or other places, "text document", and then renamed (mainly changed to the extension .exe, the main name is free), for example, the following figure "D disk. exe", change The post file icon will change at the same time.
If your Windows 7 does not display the file extension, open Windows Explorer and click: Organize —— Folder and Search Options ——View, found in the “Advanced Settings” box “ Hide the extension of the known file type & rdquo; and remove the tick in front of it.

2. When the file extension is changed to exe, it is locked to the taskbar just like a normal application, so it is locked to the taskbar.

3. Then hold down the shift key and right click on the icon and select “properties”.

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