Win7 Control Panel Usage Tips

The Control Panel is one of the most important setup tools in Windows systems, allowing users to view and set system status. The control panel in the Win7 system has some operational improvements. If some users who are just starting to use Win7 are not used to it, we may wish to take a look at some of the Win7 control panel tips, I hope there will be some help with half the effort.
We can click on the circular start button in the lower left corner of the Win7 desktop and select ““Control Panel” from the start menu to open the control panel of Win7 system.

Win7 control panel rich viewing mode
Win7 system control panel defaults to display the function menu in the form of "category", which is divided into system and security, user account and home security, network and Internet, appearance and personalization, hardware and sound, clock language and region, programs, easy access, etc., each category will display specific functional options for that category.
In addition to “category", the Win7 Control Panel also provides a way to view the "large icons" and "small icons" by clicking on the small arrow next to the top right corner of the control panel “View Mode” From which you can choose the form you like.

Use the search to quickly find the Win7 control panel application
We know that the search function of Win7 system is very powerful, and the control panel also provides a useful search function, we only need to control Enter the keyword in the search box in the upper right corner of the panel. After you press Enter, you can see the corresponding search results in the control panel function. These functions are displayed in categories according to the category, which is very convenient for users to quickly view the function options.

Using the address bar to quickly find the Win7 control panel function
We can also take advantage of the address bar navigation in the Win7 control panel to quickly switch to the corresponding category option or specify the program to be opened. Click the right arrow to the right of each option in the address bar to display a list of all programs in that category, and click on the desired program to quickly open the program.

Win7 system not only has cool interface, but also has many user-friendly designs. The control panel operation of Win7 system described above is obvious.

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