About the default theme package storage in Windows 7

The following method is relatively simple, of course, you may forget this next time, after all, the folder is hidden, we can display all hidden files in the Explorer settings (Explorer folder) Options - "View -" Advanced Settings - "Hide Files and Folders -> Select Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives -" and cancel <; Hide Protected Operating System Files (Recommended)).
This way you can see all the hidden files and folders thoroughly. However, it is still not recommended to do so. I see a lot of hidden folders that always feel uncomfortable and can be accidentally deleted by myself or others.
In this way, we found the hidden Windows 7 theme package in Windows 7. Of course, these theme packs, in addition to wallpaper, there is nothing more remarkable.
Everyone knows that right click on the Windows 7 desktop blank, there will be a "personalization", click on this personalized, we can go in and change our Win7 system theme package, sound, wallpaper, etc.
In the personalization of Windows 7, there are generally 13 themes built in:
1, Aero theme: Windows 7, architecture, mission, landscape, nature, style, national theme
2, basic and high contrast theme : Windows 7 Basic, Windows Classic, High Contrast, High Contrast White, High Contrast Black
Friends who are interested may notice: the "National Theme" in the Aero theme, in each user's computer business, may They are all different.
In other words, the national theme of Windows 7 depends on the Windows 7 language version you choose, but it may also contain some other topics. For example, the English version of Windows 7 contains a total of five themes: Australia, Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States. By default, only one country theme will be displayed in the Personalization window of Windows 7, and others will be hidden by default. Of course, for our domestic users, the Chinese theme is the Great Wall.
Well, how should we pick out the default theme packs? OK, the next move will completely smash them out.
Export method: Win key + R key to open the running window, enter %WINDIR%\\Globalization\\MCT\\ and then press Enter, get it! Did you see those hidden folders?

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