How long does Windows 7 start? System logs at a glance


I believe many of my friends have started using Windows 7, and the issue of the startup speed of Windows 7 has also been commented a lot. Some say that compared with XP, there is no obvious improvement, even become slower, and some say The startup speed is very fast, so how do you check the startup time of the system? How does Windows 7 perform on your computer?

In fact, we can directly view the system startup time under Windows 7. Right-click the "Computer" icon on the desktop, select "Manage" from the shortcut menu, open the "Computer Management" window, select "System Tools → Event Viewer → Windows Log → System", in the right pane, according to The displayed time (recommended to select an event that is one day apart) selects an event, and in the lower pane you can see the system startup time to the nearest second.

If you think that manual positioning is more troublesome, you can sort the "source" and search only in the "EventLog" item, so you can not only check the startup time of the system, but also compare it for a while. The system starts up slowly, and interested friends can try it.

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