Video corruption may occur when Win7 runs Windows Media Center

According to foreign media reports, a few days ago, Microsoft officially confirmed that users of the latest generation of client operating system Windows7 may experience video corruption when running Windows Media Center, and all Windows 7 users with Windows Media Center components will be affected. .

Microsoft pointed out that when Windows 7 users watch streaming media or video through Windows Media Center, they may encounter video corruption problems. The affected versions of Windows 7 include the following: Home Hardcover, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate.

Microsoft explained: In Windows Media Center, when switching channels of broadcast TV or loading specific broadcast recordings and videos, the video output will be damaged. This damage can last for a few seconds, then it will be fixed automatically, or it may be fixed when changing channels or videos.

So far, Microsoft has not provided a solution for Windows 7 RTM Windows Media Center video corruption.

However, Microsoft said that in the future, it will definitely provide an update or at least a patch to affected customers.

At present, Microsoft is working with ATI to study solutions to this problem.

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