How to create and restore Win8 system restore points in Windows8


When the user installs the Windows
8 system, it is best to create a restore point for the system to avoid failure during use and reduce the user's loss. Next, teach everyone how to use Windows.
8 Restore points and recovery restore points are created in the system.

Create a System Restore Point

Press the “Win+C” key combination on the keyboard to open the “Charms Bar column"select“search”.

Then select “Set> in “Search”.

Then enter “Restore” in the search bar and select “Create Restore Point”.

Then pop up & ldquo; system properties & rdquo; & rarquo; & ldquo; system protection & rdquo;, at this time the user can see the C drive is enabled by default "protection" function, we single Click "Create (C)..."."

Enter a description for the restore point, as shown in the figure "20130204", click on "Create".

Wait for the system to create a restore point.

Once created, the user will be prompted to create a restore point. Click “Close”

Restore System Restore Points

Click “System Properties”→“System Protection”→“System Restore(S)... ”.

Popup & ldquo; System Restore Wizard > Click “ Next & rdquo;.

Select the restore point and click “Next”.

Finally, the user is prompted to return the restore point to "Windows8(C:)(system)", click Finish, the system automatically restarts and restores the system.


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