In the win7 Ultimate computer, open the hyperlink in the excel table. "Because of the local limitation"


I think everyone knows that the office software function of our win7 64-bit Ultimate system is actually very powerful, for example, our word The document, although it has been used to write articles and write a report of a software, but in fact, we can also add some vivid factors in this document, such as video, such as Flash programs, etc., and our excel table, although commonly used Financial work, but in fact, our excel form is also very powerful, and adding hyperlinks is one of the most commonly used functions. But recently, users who use the win7 Ultimate computer say that after the super-leveling click in the excel form, “The error will be caused by the local limitation”, then how to solve this problem? Below, Xiaobian Let's take a detailed introduction!

1. First, let's press the win+R shortcut on the win7 Ultimate computer keyboard to open the running window of the computer. In the open running window, let's enter regedit and Click Enter, this will open the registry editor window of the win7 Ultimate computer.

2. In the open registry editor window, we click to expand HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareClasses.html in the left window, then we can see a default option in the right window, let's right click This option is then selected for modification.

3. In the pop-up edit window, we will modify the value data to Htmlfile and click OK to save.

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