Win7 computer connection network prompts "communication port initialization failed" What should I do?


If you want to make your computer online, you must make a network connection. Recently, a Win7 system user pops up when the network is connected, and the communication port initialization fails. This means that the computer cannot access the Internet. How is this? What about it? In fact, the main reason for this problem may be that the user has optimized the "registry information cleanup" function, resulting in the accidental deletion of some system registration information. Let's look at the detailed solution.

1. Close all optimization software, click on the Win7 system and click “Start” menu;

2. Right click on the mouse and “Command Prompt” Select “Run as administrator” & rdquo; option;

3, the open command prompt window, enter & ldquo; netsh winsock reset & rdquo; character command, press the enter key;

4 Restart the computer. If the prompt box pops up, please select “allow this program", click OK.

When we connect the computer to the network, if there is a prompt that the communication port fails to initialize, then you can follow the method described above to set it up. After setting it, you can solve the problem.

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