When Win7 starts the program, it prompts "How to solve mfc42d.dll in the computer"?


When a user starts a program under Win7 system, the system prompts: "This program cannot be started because MFC42D.DLL is missing from the computer. Try to reinstall the program to resolve this issue. & rdquo;, mfc42d.dll file loss is generally caused by the Trojan virus, or is cleared by some anti-virus software, but it does not matter, the solution is very simple, let's take a look.


1, we need to download the file mfc42d.dll, after downloading WINRAR is generally compressed, unpacked copy the file to the directory system or game; < Br>

Storage directory under different systems:

1. Windows 95/98/Me system, copy it to C:\\WINdows\\system32\\ directory.

2. For Windows NT/2000 systems, copy them to the C:\\WINNT\\system32\\ directory.

3, Windows XP system, then copy to the C:\\WINdows\\system32\\ directory.

4. Windows 7/8 system, copy it to C:\\WINdows\\system32\\ directory.

2, then use keyboard shortcuts & ldquo; Win + R & rdquo; or perform & ldquo; - Run & ldquo ;;

3, enter & ldquo; regsvr32 mfc42d.dll & rdquo ;, Press The car can solve the error message!

These are prompted to start the program Win7 & ldquo; the solution, you just download the missing dll file in the specified directory to solve the problem; the computer is lost mfc42d.dll & rdquo.

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