Win7 login QQ Pinyin input method page can not display the solution

QQ Pinyin input method win7 login page does not display properly how to do

cause of the malfunction: the emergence of such a situation is due to the internet as a result of the correct settings. Step
. 1, press "Win + R" key combination to open the run, in the box: [Open] internet properties inetcpl.cpl press Enter;

2, Click the "Advanced" tab in the Internet Options interface, and select [TLS 1.0], [TLS 1.1], [TLS 1.2] below and click Apply and OK.

3, after setting remember to log off or restart the computer, you can log in, of course, to ensure that the current network is normal.
The above is the solution to win7 login QQ Pinyin input method page can not be displayed properly, users who have encountered the same situation, please refer to this tutorial to solve the problem.

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