Win7 repair system damage file graphic tutorial

How to use Win7 system built-in SFC scan repair command to try to repair the damaged system files?
1, click the Start menu, enter cmd in the run! as shown below!

2, bring up the command prompt! At the command prompt, enter sfc /? after the carriage return, the following chart shown! dialog box will prompt you to repair all the commands!

3, enter sfc /scannow enter at the prompt, perform a scan system files and automatically fix! wait for the repair can be completed! entire scanning process lasted The time is about 10 minutes.

4, the scan results will detail the problem, and repair records as shown below! Xiao Bian just reinstall the system, did not reveal any abnormalities!

5, we have to the system the reference document is scanned and automatically fix! As long as the command box enter sfc /scanfile press enter!

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