Four ways to use the Win 7 drawing program to view pictures [Photos]


Drawing, as a common function in Windows system, its interface and function are further improved in Windows 7, can be used in the blank drawing area Or create a drawing on an existing image. Below, we introduce the function of drawing pictures in Windows7 system.

1. Quickly zoom the image First, after opening the image with the drawing, if the original size of the image is large, you can directly drag the lower right slider to the left to reduce the display scale, which is convenient for viewing in the drawing interface. The whole picture. Of course, you can also adjust the display size of the image by directly zooming in or out in the drawing menu of the drawing.

2, display ruler and grid lines When viewing pictures, especially when you need to know the approximate size of the image area, you can use the ruler and grid line function, so that users can better use the drawing function. In operation, you can check the “scales” and “grid lines” in the View menu.

3, magnifying glass function Sometimes because the image local text or image is too small to see clearly, then you can use the "magnifying glass" tool in the drawing to enlarge a part of the picture for easy viewing.

How to do it: In the "Map" tab of the "Home" tab, click on the "Magnifying glass" and move the magnifying glass to the area you want to enlarge. Click on the box to display it. The image portion enlarges it. 4, full-screen mode to view Windows7 drawing also provides a "full-screen" function, you can view the picture in full screen on the entire screen. Operation method: In the “View” tab of the “View” tab, click ““full screen” to view the image in full screen. It is very convenient; when you want to exit the full screen, click the displayed image. Return to the “Drawing” window.

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