Win7 notebook touchpad off graphic tutorial

The notebook touchpad is a very practical input device, it can be used as a mouse, but sometimes we want to insert an external mouse, so we want to close the notebook touchpad, then how to close the Win7 notebook touchpad? Do not understand friends look at the following tutorial Xiao Bian finishing it

method /steps:!
1, opened the bottom left corner of the start menu, click control panel on the left side, as shown below:

2, found in the open control panel "mouse" click, as shown below:

3, in the open "mouse properties" page, clicking "the ELAN", as shown below:

4, after clicking, you can see "Disable when inserting an external USB mouse" below, select the previous box, click "OK", as shown below. At this point, when we insert an external mouse, the touchpad is automatically disabled.

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