Win7 system laptop Fn key failure solution

Speaking of the Fn key, I think everyone should be familiar with it, it is a very important key on the notebook, it can be used to control the touchpad, etc., so if the key fails, The impact on the notebook is very serious, then what should you do if you encounter the Fn key of the Win7 laptop? Do not understand the friends to see the following tutorial!
Tips: This tutorial, Xiaobian will Take the Fn key of the Lenovo notebook Y470 as an example. The processing methods of different notebooks are similar. Mastering this method can handle this problem whenever and wherever.

Method /Step:
1, first, Fn keys and laptop systems installed does not matter, each of which corresponds to the laptop manufacturers have driven the Fn key.
When Fn fails, please go to the official website of the notebook to download the Fn driver. The Xiaobian notebook is Lenovo. Therefore, go to Lenovo's official website and match it to find the Fn driver of your notebook model and download it.
It should be noted here that the Lenovo notebook Fn key driver is included in the "Battery Management Software" or "Energy Management".
as shown below:

2, if the original notebook already have the software, uninstall it, and reinstall; if not, can be installed directly.

3, after installation, to ensure that start automatically when you boot the software, do not use the software starts prohibit certain guards, otherwise, Fn key is still unavailable.

4, the light installation Fn key does not work, but also to ensure that all hardware drivers installed properly. Take the switch of the test touchpad as an example, install the driver of the touchpad, and then press: Fn+F6, at this time, the touchpad can be normally closed.
5, Fn key repair is complete.

some brands of notebook, it's Fn drive is a standalone software installation, unlike so Lenovo will Fn driven on the power management software. This requires everyone to find it.

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