Win7 implementation of 3d desktop graphics tutorial

Method 1: Win7 comes with a stereo effect desktop
1. Right click on the desktop, and then select: New - shortcut.

2. Open Shortcut dialog box, enter the following address, and then click Next C: \\ Windows \\ system32 \\ rundll32.exe DwmApi # 105. This step

3. Enter a name for the shortcut, and click Finish.

4. Desktop has built such a shortcut, drag it to the taskbar, you can quickly start up. Click the icon on the taskbar.

5. This is the emergence of a effects.

two: BumpTop 3D desktop software
1. Start the software when this pops up a dialog box, women click on the button as shown in Figure [] use bumptop for free, free to use .

2. Then click on the Quick Start button on the taskbar, as shown. Open the 3D desktop. After

3. Open the three-dimensional desktop, you can see there are a lot of desktop icons, you can organize them. All icons

4. Drag the mouse to circle in a round cake on the pop-up option, select [overlay] by category.

5.'ll see the icon added together by category.

6. Double-click any pile icon to open the stack, as shown in FIG.

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