Win7 computer set router IP broadband control graphic tutorial

Win7 computer how to set up router IP broadband control? Nowadays, whether it is life or office, it is inseparable from the Internet, and you can connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere. And router devices are more and more powerful, routers are the hub of the Internet, mobile phones, laptops can connect to the wifi network, which requires a router. Sometimes in order to make the network distribution more uniform, we can set the router IP broadband control, the following Xiaobian and everyone share win7 set router IP broadband control skills.
The method is as follows:
1, first we need to ensure that our router has IP flow control function:
2, connect to the network through the computer, open the browser, enter the router background management IP, and enter the user name and password :
3, click "OK" button to enter the validation wizard interface, we click on the left side of "IP bandwidth control" link:

4, and then in the "IP bandwidth control" on the right, first check "on IP bandwidth control" check box, then choose your network type and network bandwidth provided in your back:

5, then set the next IP address in the IP used for each segment in detail bandwidth and control:

6, after setting, click the "save" button to display "saving the configuration" message, suggesting speed settings are saved after the disappearance:

7, then we click on the left side of the "system tools", select "traffic statistics":

8, on the right you can see the "current traffic statistics state" as "closed", we click on the "open flowmeter statistics "button:

Win7 skills to set up IP broadband router to share control here. In a LAN where multiple people use broadband together, sometimes we need to perform flow control. If you don't know how to control the IP bandwidth of the router, you can refer to the above method.

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