How to reset the network settings in Win7 system

The current society is increasingly strict with the requirements of the network, almost away from the era when the network can not survive, so the network is very important for modern people. However, many people have recently found out that they are not connected to the Internet when they use the Internet. They have checked the two factors that may cause the network to be unable to connect. The network card and router settings are all without problems. What is the problem? When we can't connect, it's not a hardware problem, but a small problem on the network settings. We didn't realize it but it hindered the network connection. The following small series teaches you how to reset the network settings. Maybe resetting the network settings can solve It is.
do the following:
1, so we have to use the command to open a command prompt, type CMD in the operation Press OK;

2, open a command prompt, and we in turn execute the following command , one by one come:

3, after finally executed, we also need to restart my computer can.
Next time you encounter such a situation, first check the network card and router. If there is no problem in both aspects, you need to reset the network settings. Maybe this will help solve the problem!

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