How to adjust the mouse cursor method in Win7 system

There are many accessories in the computer that we often encounter, but we don't pay attention to it. For example, the first step in using the computer is to click the mouse. How many people have paid attention to the mouse cursor size? How does the mouse suddenly become large or If it becomes very small, we will realize that it is because the size of the mouse pointer in the computer is generally fixed, and the thickness is the default. If it is not modified by humans, it is difficult for the average user to adapt. I want to adjust to the previous style. Today, Xiaobian brings a tutorial on how to adjust the size of the mouse pointer for those who have encountered such problems.
First, enter the control panel center at the desktop start menu, then in the win7 Ultimate control panel interface, click to enter "Easy Access" - "Easy Access Center", and then press and enter on the keyboard The key is OK, so you can open the Easy Access Center.

Second, in the pop-up to easy access to the center panel, "the computer easier to see."

Three, and then find the "make the mouse easier to use", the following can be set in the thickness of the blinking cursor.

Fourth, you have to click the mouse pointer, and then click the "OK" button. The method of adjusting the size of the mouse pointer

size is the above steps, the above steps, the mouse pointer is displayed of your choice.
The above method can effectively adjust the size of the mouse pointer, adjust it according to your own preferences, some presbyopia friends can also adjust a bit, because the default pointer size is very small, adjust a little more convenient to watch, hurry Let's do it

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