Win7 can not be installed to the C drive solution

C drive has been the system disk in the computer, most of the systems in the computer are installed in the C drive, of course, the win7 system is no exception. But recently a user came to Xiaobian to say that he wants to install the win7 system. The C drive cannot be selected when the selected disk is selected. That is to say, the win7 system cannot be placed in the C drive, which can annoy the user. Specially ask for a small series. Actually, the reason can not be stored in the C drive is C drive is not NTFS format, it will save fails, the following Xiaobian to teach you to modify the method, we can try!

1, to format the C drive, and then Select ntfs for the hard disk format;
2, or open the command prompt of the win7 system (Microsoft logo key + R input cmd);
3, enter convert c: /FS: NTFS;
< Br> 4, you should be prompted that you are using can not be converted, you need to restart, let you enter y (yes) or n (no);
5, enter y and then restart;
6, then you are watching c The disk attribute c disk becomes ntfs format, so you can install windows7;
7, or install a new installation, and then select the target partition when there is a "drive option" in the lower right of the partition list The button, click to delete the C drive and then create a new C drive can be installed.
Things always have a solution. If the C drive is not in the NTFS format, then change the C drive to this format. Is it a good solution? The friends who have agreed to the problem will quickly solve it. !

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