Easy to solve windows2008 forgot password problem


In order to protect personal data, most netizens will set a login password for their own computer. But having a good side will have a bad side. If you accidentally forget your password, it will be a very depressing thing. However, after learning this tutorial, you don't have to worry about this problem at all. If you accidentally forget the password, you can reset the password through the vulnerability of the magnifying glass.

Windows2008 system forgot the password solution:

use a magnifying glass vulnerability to reset your password

first, a system disk to boot

select repair Your computer

then open a command prompt: back up your magnifying glass Then replace it with CMD

Then restart the system, go to the login interface, and open the magnifying glass

After the application pops up CMD

Enter the following command

This password is changed to @2323qwe. Is it very simple?

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