Play the 108 running commands in the win8 system


Today, the system home Xiaobian summed up the windows 8 consumer preview version of the 108 commands and some brief instructions, let's take a look! Note: some commands need to Running the command prompt as an administrator is very important.

1.appwiz.cpl: Programs and Features

2.calc: Start Calculator

3.certmgr.msc: Certificate Management Utility

4.charmap: Start Character Map

5.chkdsk.exe: Chkdsk Disk Check (Run as Commander at Administrator)

6.cleanmgr: Open Disk Cleanup Tool

7.cliconfg:SQL SERVER Client Network Utility

8.cmstp: Connection Manager Profile Installer

9.cmd.exe: CMD command prompt

10.Automatic shutdown command

Shutdown -s -t 600: indicates automatic shutdown after 600 seconds

shutdown - a : Can cancel the timed shutdown

Shutdown -r -t 600: means automatic restart after 600 seconds

rundll32 user3 2.dll, LockWorkStation: means to lock the computer

11.colorcpl: color management, configure the colors in the display and printer, etc.

12.CompMgmtLauncher: Computer Management

13. Compmgmt.msc: Computer Management

14.credwiz: Backing up or restoring stored usernames and passwords

15.comexp.msc: Opening System Component Services

16.control: Control Panel

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