Make good use of network authentication to ensure the security of windows2008 system


In an open network, the security of the system has always been a topic of concern to users. In the Windows 2008 system, in order to improve the security performance of the server system, the new enablement The network authentication function can well prevent illegal attacks in remote connections and limit remote connection requests of other computer systems, further ensuring operational security.

Enable windows2008 network authentication function:

First login to the Win2008 system desktop with a privileged account, click the "Server Manager" function button in the system tray to open the corresponding system. Server Manager Console window, select the "Server Management" node option at the left side of the window, and click the "Configure Remote Desktop" option under the "Server Summary" setting item under the Target Node option. , enter the remote desktop settings dialog box of the corresponding system;

Secondly, in the "Remote Desktop" location of the settings dialog box, check "Only allow the computer connection of the remote desktop with network level authentication to run." ” Whether the option is selected, if it is found that the function is not selected, then any user on the LAN can remotely connect to the Win2008 server system from any computer; in order to control the user to remotely connect to the Win2008 server system at will. , we must be "only allowed to run with network level authentication Remote Desktop computer connection & rdquo; option to re-selected, then click & ldquo; OK & rdquo; button to save the good operation of the set that way a remote desktop connection in the future will be protected by a network authentication function.

After the network authentication function is enabled in the windows2008 system, the network management system must be in the Vista and Windows2008 system environment to perform remote desktop connection, establish a remote connection with the windows2008 server, and other computer systems must go through the network in order to connect remotely. Authentication is only feasible.

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