Detailed application of Win2008 initial configuration task function


There is a new function &mdash under Windows 2008 system; initial configuration task, this function includes adding server to existing domain, enabling remote desktop for server, enabling windows update and windows firewall After the task is completed, it will automatically open to help the administrator complete a series of configuration operations. Let's take a closer look.

Prior to Windows Server 2008, during our installation of the Windows server operating system, the installer paused to prompt the administrator for administrator account, domain, and network information. Feedback shows that such delays slow down the operating system and server deployment process. The “Initial Configuration Task” allows the administrator to postpone these tasks until after entering the desktop, until the installation is complete, which means less interruption during the installation.

“The initial configuration task' window helps administrators configure the server and reduce the time between installing the operating system and deploying the server in the enterprise. It allows administrators to logically specify operating system settings, such as domain information and network settings, that were exposed in previous Windows Server 2003 installers.

The following figure shows the initial configuration task window in Windows Server 2008.

Use & ldquo; Initial Configuration Tasks & rdquo; window & ldquo; Add Roles & rdquo; and & ldquo; add functionality & rdquo; command can begin adding roles and features to the server immediately.

In addition, use the “Initial Configuration Tasks'; window to participate in the following program to provide anonymous feedback on how the software works.

-Windows Server Customer Experience Improvement Program

-Windows Error Reporting

Default Settings in Initial Configuration

The following table shows the Windows Server 2008 installation process Some default settings for the configuration. The commands available in the Initial Configuration Tasks window allow the administrator to modify these defaults.

Windows 2008 as a server, in order to protect the system's security, stability and maneuverability, on some of the new features are targeted to make the setting, under which the initial system The configuration task function is one of them. When the user seriously experiences it, he can feel the charm of humanization.

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