How to open lrc file in Win10 system?


There are various files in the Win10 system, and many of them are rare. Win10 users found a file with the suffix lrc when cleaning up the system garbage. What kind of file is this, how to open it? In fact, this is the lyrics file, the lyrics file when we listen to music. Then let's take a look at the Win10 system to open the lrc file.

Open method one:

1. Right mouse button lrc file, if you use Notepad to open the selection, select this, if not, select [Notepad] in the open mode.

Open Method two: Insert lrc file
music player when playing music

1, open the music player, music lyrics interface, right click and choose & ldquo; the lyrics & rdquo; option;

2, the open window select lrc file, click [open] to load; modified after

3, lrc file can be opened by a process, We can save the lyrics and save them!

The above is the Win10 system to open the lrc file for everyone to introduce here. The method is very simple, I hope I can help you!

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