What is going on when the Win10 system enters the desktop?


The current Win10 system is still being improved, but sometimes there are some incredible issues. There is a problem with the user's computer. When the computer is turned on and enters the left side of the system, a beep will sound. What is going on? How to solve it? Let's share with you the solution to the beep when the Win10 system enters the desktop.

as follows:

1, using Win + I recall key combination Windows settings window, click on & ldquo; time and language & rdquo ;;

2, and language in the time window, the interface to switch to the left click & ldquo; regional and language & rdquo; tab, then click the right window & ldquo; add language & rdquo; button;

3, adding language window, find and click & ldquo; Chinese (Simplified) & rdquo ;;

4, in Chinese (Simplified) window, click on the & ldquo; Chinese (Chinese names Republic) & rdquo ;;

5, after returning the time and language window, wait for the prompt: there are available language packs, then click on the "Options" button, click this button;

6, then enter Language options interface, click “ download language package & rdquo; below the "Download" button, the language package will be automatically downloaded and installed, after the installation is successful, the time and language interface will prompt "ldquo; installed language package" prompt. Explain that we successfully downloaded and installed the relevant language pack, and the problem can be solved.

Tips: If the problem persists, try adding the US keyboard as the default input method.

The above is the solution to the beep when the Win10 system enters the desktop. If you are experiencing the same problem, you may wish to follow the above steps!

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