What should I do if the Win10 system U disk file becomes a shortcut?


U disk often appears in our lives, because of the convenient and stable features of the U disk, it is deeply loved by users. However, Win10 users have encountered such a problem, and found that all the files in the U disk have become shortcuts. What is going on? How to solve it? In response to this problem, let's share with you the Win10 system U disk file has become a shortcut method.

Methods /steps:

1, the first problem of U disk interface plugged into a computer USB port. Find the U disk drive to open.

Because it is a Win10 system, the shortcut is not marked, and the suffix has a shortcut word.

2, we can check whether the problem caused by the virus. Open the anti-virus software. Click to select ‘click on the right side & rsquo;.

3, in front of the U-disk option to play & radic ;. Then click to start scanning.

4, wait 5-10 minutes will be the result. Process the scanned virus and all plugins. After you restart, you can see that the shortcuts are gone.

These are Win10 file system U disk solutions have become a shortcut. If you are experiencing such a problem, try the above method.

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