How does the Win10 system clean up the C drive cache?


The system has been in use for a long time, we will find that the capacity of the C drive is getting smaller and smaller. This is caused by the installed games, software and cached data generated by the video runtime. At this time, we can choose Clearing these caches has achieved the goal of increasing the C drive space. Let's share with you the Win10 system to clean up the C drive cache.

Analysis of the cause: Most of the cases occur because different versions of the Win10 upgrade file are also cached in the C drive during the upgrade, so we can clear the available space by clearing it.


1, click on the Start menu, select the setting, as shown below:

2, click on the system, as shown below:

3, in the system settings page, select the storage, and then click on the right side plate C, as shown below:

4, enter the C disk, the system will be listed the memory usage, we choose the temporary file, as shown below:

5, click on the & ldquo; delete temporary files & rdquo; button, you can delete temporary files and update the cache, as shown below:

more on Win10 system to clean up the entire contents of the C disk cache, if your system does not work because with a long lead card, but do not want to change the system, then you can try to use small series Share The method can effectively free up more available space, hoping to help everyone!

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