What file is srt in Win10 system?


In the Win10 system, there are many files, and there are many file types. Sometimes, many files in the system do not know what the file is. Some users ask, what is srt? What is the use? For this problem, let's take a look at what file is srt in Win10 system? Interested friends come over and have a look!

1. In fact, the srt suffix file is a subtitle file, especially for those who do not have Chinese subtitles or other foreign movies and can not read foreign languages, you can download Chinese subtitles to watch!

2, the small download folder contains both large-capacity movies and srt files, srt files are subtitle files, and subtitles and movies are changed to the same file name (note that the extension must not be changed) ), and then put it in the same folder, when the movie file is opened, the player will automatically load the subtitles, in order to facilitate the need for us to watch movies. Figure:

3, if the subtitles are not the same name and the name of the movie, then we can manually add, the easiest way is to play video while the corresponding srt drag and drop files to video Can be in!

After reading the above introduction of Xiaobian, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the srt file in the Win10 system. I hope this tutorial can help all the friends in need!

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