Create Windows 2008 to let multiple users share remote desktops


Windows 2008 does not support multiple users logging in to the remote desktop at the same time. When other users log in to Windows 2008 remotely, the currently logged-in user on the host will automatically log out. However, you can set up Windows 2008 remote desktop to allow multiple users to share, but it is turned off by default. How to set it up, please follow the steps below to learn.

First, open the control panel. → Management Tools & Rarr; Terminal Services (Terminal Services tsconfig.msc 2003 called tscc.msc) → Terminal Services Configuration (Terminal Services Configuration)

1, (Modify the number of people who can log in at the same time, including themselves, The default is 2, if you only need another person to remotely log in to your computer, such as mm or gg, then this step is not necessary, jump directly to the second step) Connections: RDP-tcp right click → Attribute → Network Adapter → Maximum number of connections →

2, Edit settings: Terminal Services licensing mode → Right click → Attribute → General → Restrict each user can only use one session (Restrict each user to a single session), remove the previous hook → OK. You can log in as many users here. If the setting does not take effect, restart it (try it, take effect d).

3, to prevent spoofing, prevent remote users from terminating the console administrator. Start → run → gpedit.msc → computer configuration → management template → Windows component (Windows Components) → terminal services (Terminal Services) → terminal server (Terminal Server) → connection (Connections) → Deny logoff of an administrator logged in to the console session, right-click → attribute → (Restart is effective)

In fact, by cleverly changing the settings in the system, Windows2008 Remote Desktop can also log in to two different account administrators at the same time, while parallel, you walk your sunshine road, I walk my wooden bridge The two are irrelevant and do not affect each other. You want this too, so come and learn this tutorial, let you easily realize your wishes.

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