Office7 login function setting method under win7 system

office tool has always been a necessary software in the office process, from the initial office2003 to the present 2013 are constantly improving, the function is constantly strong, the operation steps are constantly standardized Now, office2013 needs account login to be used, and supports OneDrive synchronization function. It seems that it is really high-end, but it also brings inconvenience. Many users who are accustomed to the previous operation methods do not want to log in to the account, so how to set the Office 2013 login function in the win7 Ultimate computer? The following small series will explain for you one by one.
Office2013 login function setting method
1. First, let's press the win+R shortcut key on the keyboard in win7 Ultimate computer to open the running window of the computer. In the open running window, let's enter regedit and Click Enter, this will open the registry editor window of the win7 Ultimate system.
2. In the window that opens, click on the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\Office\\15.0\\Common\\SignIn in the left menu, and then create a new DWORD (32-bit) value on the right side, and It is renamed to SignInOptions. After

3., double-click to open the new entry, and then modify its value data, specifications as follows:
0 Representative: Users with Microsoft accounts, organization ID Login Office
1 Representative: The user logs in to the Office with a Microsoft account.
2 means: the user logs in to the Office with the organization ID<3> 3 means: the user disables the Microsoft account, and the organization ID logs in to the Office
Although the improvement of the office2013 is a great improvement, bringing A lot of new features, but the trouble has also arisen. Xiaobian's method of teaching everyone can help you alleviate the trouble to some extent. Try it now!

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