In the win7 computer, the method of setting the subtitles of the storm video to Chinese and English

Storm video is a video player that comes with the computer. If you have a friend who needs it, you may download the player you like, if there is nothing special. If necessary, many users will use it in the storm video. Generally speaking, several common video formats can be opened by using this software. There is no big problem of use. Today, Xiaobian wants To everyone, in the win7 Ultimate, how do we turn the subtitles of Storm Video into Chinese and English, many friends who want to learn English at the same time, this little trick is very practical!
1. First Let's open the storm video file on the computer. If you don't know the friend whose built-in path is, just click to open a video file, and the system will open it by storm video.
2. In the open screen, we can see that there is a "paint", "word", "tone" option in the upper task bar, and then click on the word, here is the place to set the font.

3. The next screen shown in the following figure will appear, and can be Chinese subtitles, you can make in English, it is also possible in English, what we want, directly choose which species, then the following can also adjust the font size, are set according to their own circumstances it!

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