Setting the BIOS to support the SATA hard disk

If the serial hard disk is attached to the interface controlled by the onboard serial control chip, it is relatively simple to set up. Take the PDC20378 serial control chip onboard the P4C800 as an example. Connect the serial hard disk and boot into the BIOS.

in the Operating Mode under the Advanced menu switch is turned on-board serial controller, and set the mode of operation. If set to IED, it will enter IDE mode after booting.
After all the settings are completed, if you still boot the hard disk from this serial port, you need to check the boot item settings in the BIOS. Here is the Boot Device Priority under the BOOT menu. Check whether the boot file has this hard disk loaded. Displayed as SATA378 TX2Plus D0. Plus PCI control card setting method is similar, but when using external serial control card, if there is an onboard serial control chip on the motherboard, it is best to disable, if not disabled, sometimes Will not be able to enter the operating system.

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