Win7 modify the CMD command prompt text font size method

Many netizens like to run cmd to enter the dos command window, and perform other operations under the dos command window, but some netizens react to their eyes are not very good, plus the display is small, look at the code is more difficult, how to put dos The font in the command window becomes larger. Please see how the small series handles it.
win7 modify the CMD command prompt text font size method
1, click on the start menu, enter cmd in the run and press Enter to enter the dos operation interface.

2, right-click the title bar at the top of the pop-up menu, select "Default" into the console window properties.

3, select the Font tab, "size (S)" interface to select larger on the right, of course, you can choose the font to use.

4, click OK to close the dos window to re-enter, you can find a window in the font larger.
Through the above method, we can increase or decrease the text in the CMD command prompt. Users who need it can try it out!

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