Win7 system some programs can not run how to do

win7 64-bit Ultimate download, compatibility and stability is relatively mature, whether in the operation interface or function are praised by the public users, but in use It is inevitable that you will encounter various problems. Recently, some users have not responded when running certain software programs in the win7 system, which makes it impossible to use the program. Although sometimes it can wait for a certain period of time to respond, many users do not like this waiting mode, and this kind of failure phenomenon is mainly system compatible. Sexual problems, because some programs are not fully compatible with the win7 system, but we can set the system to solve the problem that the program can not run, let's take a look at the two solutions for everyone.
Solution 1:
1. Right click on this program and select compatibility troubleshooting.

2, now try to set recommendations.

3, click the Start program can be run.

Solution two:
If you need to run some programs from time to time, then each can be run through a compatibility mode, as follows:
1, right-click on the program, and then select "Properties", directly Click the "Compatibility" option, check the "Run this program in compatibility mode" option, and click OK.

2, run the program directly on it. In this way, if you run this program later, it is a direct compatibility mode.
If the user fails to run or responds when running certain software programs on Win7 pure 64-bit, you can follow the tutorial method to run the "Compatibility Troubleshooting" or modify the software according to the second method. The program's compatibility operation mode, I believe that the program encountered no response problem is also easy to solve.

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