Win10 Preview 14257 Known Issues Summary

Win10 RS1 Desktop Preview 14257 is now being pushed to the Insider Fast Channel user. As a test system, this version inevitably contains some problems. The following are summarized below for the users who want to upgrade: < Br> Win10 Preview 14257 Known Issues Summary:
• Use Settings —Update & Security—Restoring Reset This computer tool will cause the computer to be unavailable. There is currently no workaround, only reload system. This issue will be resolved in the next release. This problem has also been found to exist in 14251. Of course, if you are not satisfied with the new version, you can roll back to the previous version.
• WSClient.dll error will occur after logging in to the system and is still being fixed. Temporary Solution:
Run the command prompt as an administrator and run the following command:
schtasks /delete /TN “\\Microsoft\\Windows\\WS\\WSRefreshBannedAppsListTask” /F
• The PC front-end camera lens of the Intel RealSense Reality Camera will not be available, which will affect the Windows Hello feature and the application features of the front camera lens.
• The flight mode in the operation center is still displayed as "open" when the WiFi mode is turned on, because the UI component of the flight mode does not give enough time to wait for the wireless network card to open and report the current status, thereby Caused an incorrect status display. You can still return it to its normal state by clicking the button.

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