How is the Win10 start menu too slow? Three methods recommend

Win10 introduces a new start menu, which is a confession for global users. However, many netizens found that although the new start menu looks cool, it does not have the excitement of the previous Win7 era, and it is not as comfortable as Win8 or Win8.1. The reason is that Microsoft has added a lot of special effects inside, and the new dynamic tile also reduces the system fluency to some extent. So, apart from stupid and other Microsoft modifications, can we do nothing? Three groups of small moves are recommended for everyone.
Fig. 01 How to break the start menu?
1. Disable Aero semi-transparent
In addition to animation effects, Microsoft also added a long-loose Aero semi-transparent in Win10, especially on the start menu. However, the graphics cards of some old machines don't seem to be tolerant to this beautiful new coat, so it's not surprising that the delay is delayed.
Click the Start menu →“Set”→“Personalize”, then select “color” in the pop-up panel, pull the right pane to the end, close the last item “make & rsquo; Start ‘ Menu, Taskbar, and Action Center Transparent & rdquo; checkboxes.
Fig. 02 Close the start menu Aero semi-transparent
2. Disable system animation effects
In addition to Aero semi-transparent, the new system animation effects are also a major cause of slow menu pop-up. And this problem seems to be more common, even if some of the newer machines are not as imaginative as they are at runtime.
In the settings panel → easy to use → other options tab, we can see a setting item called "Visual Options", the top one is "Play animation in Windows" & rdquo; If we cancel this checkbox. All animation effects, including the start menu, will be turned off, and many times you will find that this method is actually the most immediate.
Fig. 03 Turn off the whole system animation effect
3. Close Xiaona network search
Win10 start menu uses Xiaona search. After using this time, I believe everyone knows more about this Xiaona. of. But many of Xiaona's features are obtained by default on the Internet, so it will inevitably affect their own startup speed.
Open the Cortana settings panel and find the “Settings →Online Search and Include WEB Results” this item to turn it off. After that, Xiaona will no longer perform the network search operation, and the corresponding opening speed will be greatly accelerated.
Fig. 04 Close Cortana online search function
Written in the end
Although the above three methods are all ways to cure the symptoms, but in the current attitude of Microsoft to treat Win10, it is worth trying in the short term. . Of course, as with the lack of too many shortcuts on the desktop in the early years, reducing the number of dynamic tiles in the start menu will also increase the opening speed of the start menu to a certain extent. You can try it yourself.
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