How does the motherboard distinguish between large boards and small boards?

When DIY installed the motherboard, there are often users asking Xiaobian such a question: Is the computer motherboard slab good or small? For this problem, the author often does not bother to answer the simple questions for the installed users, but the number of friends asked, will inevitably have some resentment, today the script house Xiaobian for everyone to list the difference between the motherboard board and the small board, hope When you choose the motherboard, you can choose it with ease.

first author to let everyone see the popular B85 small board with the results of a small plate of difference, the author here to ASUS B85-PLUS large plate and small plate ASUS B85M-E, for example, take a look at two The shape structure of the person.

ASUS B85-PLUS motherboard (B85 board)
As shown above, the overall layout of ASUS B85-PLUS motherboard is neatly arranged, the expansion interface is very rich, with 4 memory slots, PCI-E graphics card Slot and 4 PCI slots, 2 USB3.0 and 4 USB2.0 ports, 2 STAT3.0 ports and 2 SATA2.0 ports.

ASUS B85M-E motherboard (B85 small board)
As shown above, the overall layout of ASUS B85M-E small motherboard is relatively compact, but still has 4 memory slots, 4 SATA3.0 interfaces, 2 One USB3.0 and four USB2.0 ports, one PCI-E graphics card slot and two PCI slots.
Through the above-mentioned Huawei B85 motherboard and small motherboard of the same brand, the difference between the two is mainly due to the large size of the large board, the overall layout is relatively neat, and the small motherboard is small in size and compact in layout. In addition, in terms of expansion interfaces, the large board and the small board are basically the same, and the different places mainly include the PCI slot board.
So is the computer motherboard big or small? For this problem, the author directly gives the conclusion:
1, first the performance of the big board and the small board is the same;
2, the expansion interface of the large board may be more abundant, such as the large board standard 4 Memory slot, and the small board may be 2 or 4, in addition, the PCI slot board is also more abundant, the other interfaces are basically the same;
3, the large motherboard work materials are relatively sufficient, the price is also Will be more expensive;
4, the large board needs to choose the big chassis above the middle tower, and the small motherboard can be compatible with the large chassis, but also compatible with some mini chassis;
Conclusion: motherboard board and small board performance are the same It does not affect the performance of the computer, although the expansion of the board is better, but the interface, the small board has some small boards, and both the memory slot and the PCI slot are sufficient, so the choice is When the motherboard is used, don't worry too much about the big board or the small board.

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