How to turn off the motherboard integrated sound card in the win7 Ultimate computer?

Before introducing the article, let's introduce the motherboard integrated sound card. We know that the sound card is a key driver for our w764 flagship system to download the computer. It is also one of the necessary devices for our win7 Ultimate computer, and the integrated sound card is A type of sound card. In the eyes of many users, the frequency of this integrated sound card is not very high. It seems that there is not much meaning, but it will waste our system space. If this integrated sound card is turned off, will it improve the running speed of the system? Here? Xiaobian will tell you how to turn off integrated graphics in our win7 Ultimate PC.

1. First of all, we need to restart your own win7 Ultimate computer, the computer into the boot screen when we press the del key on the keyboard to enter win7 Ultimate computer's BIOS setup menu.
2. After that, we find the "Chipset Futures Setup" option in the open bios interface and click Enter, then find the Onchip Sound option on the right, then set its status to disabled, then click F10 to save.
3. After that, return to the home page of the BIOS setup menu, then find the "Advanced" tab and enter, find the "I /O Device Configuration" option below, click the Enter button directly, and find the "Onboard" below. AC97 Audio Controller" option, set it to disabled, after completion, we can press the F10 key on the keyboard to save and exit.

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