Set the win7 system computer can hear the sound of the microphone input

Many of our friends recently liked to sing on the win7 system computer, is to sing directly on the Internet, put a rhythm and then directly use our usual headset microphone You can sing it out, you can hear your own voice directly in the sound, just like singing in KTV. In fact, it is very simple to achieve such an effect. As long as we set it up, the method of inputting the sound of the microphone will be immediately Come and share it with everyone.
The specific method of microphone sound setting is as follows:
1. First, I insert my own hair customer service into my computer interface, then click the small sound icon in the lower right corner of the screen to pop up the synthesizer setting window, click to select the system. Sound options.

2, the sound system options window, click on the switch to the recording microphone options, double-click.
3, in the open window, we use the mouse to click the "listening" option, select the "listen to this device" setting check box, check the application after clicking the check box, and finally confirm the close window.
The above three steps can easily solve how our win7 system computer hears the microphone input sound. Many friends like to sing. After simple setup, everyone can sing at home as much as they like, and they are not afraid to be laughed at. Singing is not good.

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