QQ computer housekeeper suspends the announcement of Win10 upgrade service

Due to the incompatibility between the built-in computer environment and the win10 system, most users who use the win10 upgrade assistant suffer from upgrade failures, repeated restarts, and blue screens. For such problems, 360, Tencent will suspend the win10 upgrade service, the qq computer housekeeper forum has issued an announcement, we can come and see.

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Dear, tube Rice:
7.29 On that day, the computer butler has helped hundreds of thousands of users upgrade the Win10 system. However, some user feedback encountered problems such as upgrade failure, repeated restart, blue screen and so on. After investigation, it was confirmed that the user's computer environment was not compatible with the Win10 system.
To avoid affecting more users, the computer housekeeper will suspend the upgrade of Win10. We will actively assist Microsoft in finding solutions, and the upgrade service will remain open after the experience is optimized. We apologize for the troubles that users have caused, please give us an understanding, thank you!
Tencent official original text: http://bbs.guanjia.qq.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3610996

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