Win7/Win8.1 market share rose slightly in April, XP still ranked second


According to NetMarketShare's latest April 2015 global operating system market share data, we see that like last month, Win7 still occupies Most of the country's share increased slightly from 58.04% in the previous month to 58.49% (up 0.45%). Win8.1 share also increased slightly, from 11% last month to 11.61% (up 0.61%). Considering that quite a few Win8 users have upgraded to Win8.1, their market share is only 3.5%, which is even lower than Mac OS X (Mac OS X increased from 3.96% to 4.23%).

As has been around for more than ten years of Windows XP, although its share continues to decline, but its market share continues to occupy 15.93% (last month it was 16.94%, 1.01% lower), ranked second .

About Win10, the system is still in the preview stage, Microsoft said that more than 3.7 million users have participated in the test, and is expected to launch the operating system this summer.

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