Win7 system prompts Physical Memory blue screen how to do?


We are no stranger to the blue screen. It is one of the common computer failures that many users have encountered. However, due to the blue screen prompts on the computer, there are many kinds of prompts. Some users may only encounter the Win7 prompt Physical Memory blue screen. What should I do if I encounter this problem? Friends who don’t know how to solve are quick to take a look at the following articles compiled by Xiaobian!

Win7 blue screen causes and solutions:

1, the memory is bad or not so good compatibility, unplug the memory with an eraser to rub Goldfinger and putting it back to try Still not, exchange the memory slot location and try it back.

2, poor board contact or quality problems caused the equipment to run unstable, shut down all hardware re-plug, to avoid the situation of virtual connection.

3, hardware compatibility is poor, this situation is common in non-branded assembly compatible machines, there is no good way, know what is the problem, change it.

4, poor computer cooling caused the CPU or graphics chip temperature is too high and crash, which has hardware design flaws, such as some recalled graphics cards or computer components. Thoroughly remove dust to enhance the heat of the machine, but not change the fan (heat sink).

5, bad sectors of the hard disk, detect and try to repair bad sectors of the hard disk, but repairing bad tracks of the hard disk will destroy the data of the track and its adjacent sectors. Please make a data backup before the hard disk bad track is repaired to reduce unnecessary data loss.

6, if there is a motherboard diagnostic card, it is recommended to plug in, start running test, really can not solve, you need to find after-sales or professional maintenance.

The above is the Win7 system prompts the physical memory blue screen solution, the method is very simple, we only need to plug and unplug the hardware, detect the hardware compatibility, perform bad track repair and other operations are generally able to solve the blue screen problem. .

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