Win7 system accidentally deleted files after repeated restarts


Win7 system is composed of a number of system files, each file can achieve specific functions. If you accidentally delete some files, the system will not run, and then Win7 will restart. What should we do at this time? This article will introduce the solution that Win7 system has been restarted after accidentally deleting files.

1. If you delete a file or very few files or you can remember the file name, you can copy these files to the same version of Win7 system that can be started, and then use U disk. Start the boot disk and copy the missing files in the WINPE system, then restart the basics to solve the problem.

2, if you do not remember to delete the file, then basically only through the re-installation method to solve, it is recommended to use the U disk to install Win7.

Note: It is recommended to back up the important data in the C drive of the computer before installation (transfer to another disk or save it in the U disk, install it and then copy it back).

3, use the Win7 installation disk (original), and then start with the CD, select "Repair the computer" in the installation interface, and follow the prompts step by step;

The above is Win7 system error The solution to the problem of restarting after deleting the file is introduced. If you can find the missing file, copy it directly, or choose to repair the system, you don't have to reinstall the system.

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