How to use Win7 system USB wireless network card


1, to install a USB wireless network card, you need to find the driver of the network card, generally buy a network card will give a CD, the CD you have the driver you need. If your disc is lost, you can go to Baidu to search for the corresponding model driver. Unzip the prepared driver software to the desktop for use.

2. Plug the USB card into your computer. Find [My Computer] on the desktop, right click, and then select [Properties] in the context menu to open the Properties dialog box.

3, open the properties dialog, find the device manager, open it as shown.

4, find the USB network card device, because this device does not have a driver installed, so there is a yellow logo, you find it is very simple.

5. Right-click on the device and select [Update Drive] from the context menu.

6, open a dialog box, you need to choose the method of driver update, generally we use the computer local update, choose the second, as shown.

7. Open a dialog box and click the Browse button to find the driver software you just extracted.

8, choose the driver for your computer, for example, my computer is 64-bit Win7, I choose this version of the driver, click to open.

9. Return to the above dialog box, click [Next] to start updating the driver. After the driver installation is completed, your network card can be used.

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