How does Win7 add a password to the hard disk?


For the security of our computer, sometimes we need to encrypt a disk on the hard disk so that others will not see our files. There are Win7 system users, but also want to encrypt a disk in the recent computer, but I do not know how to add a password to the hard disk? How should I set it? The following small series will tell you how Win7 adds password to the hard disk. .

The steps are as follows:

1. Turn on the computer of the computer, and then we can find the disk you want to encrypt!

2. For example, we want to encrypt the E disk of the computer. . We right click on the E drive and select Enable Bitlocker.

3, we choose to enable the password to unlock the drive, and then the next step!

4, in order to prevent you from forgetting the password in the future, there is no access to the disk, we are best on the interface that appears Select a location to save the password file!

5, Xiaobian here choose to save the password file on the computer, we choose a different disk to save our password file, of course, we must remember the location of the password file. You can use the password recovery file to recover when you forget your password later!

6. We can wait patiently during the Bitlocker driver encryption process, because the encryption time is related to your disk size!

7, wait for a period of time after the disk encryption is completed!

8. After the disk encryption is completed, our disk will be marked with a small lock!

9. At this time, we need to enter the password. In order to access the disk, others can't access it!

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