Win7 open the computer on the right side of the window, how to close the U disk window?


Although the usage rate of U disk is getting higher and higher, the problem about U disk is also increased randomly. Some people with mental cleanliness look at the U disk content display on the right side when Win7 opens the computer window. Not used to it, although sometimes the display content is a bit useful, but most of the time is superfluous, especially those with obsessive-compulsive disorder, watching an extra icon on the computer, where everything feels wrong, trying to remove the small icon. Although Xiaobian does not have obsessive-compulsive disorder, it still brings to the obsessive-compulsive patients how to display the U disk content on the right side when closing the computer window.

1. After turning on the computer, click the “gear” setting icon in the U disk content area, as shown below:

2. After opening the settings, we uncheck “Use U disk” When the side of the file system window is displayed, the U disk content & rdquo; option, and then applied.

The above methods can solve the problem effectively. Although some people don't care, there are always some people who care about it. In a few simple steps, there will be no more U disk content jumping out!

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