Win7 system browser open web page garbled solution

browser is an essential tool for operating the computer, usually in the browser Internet, query data and browse the website, etc., but inevitably encounter some problems in the process of use For example, what should I do if the win7 system browses the webpage? (As shown in the following figure) The garbled webpages bring obstacles to our browsing, and the open webpage displays garbled characters mainly because of webpage encoding settings. We can follow the following methods. Set the solution.
1. After opening the webpage, right click on the menu in the blank space of the webpage;
2, then select the “Encoding” option, and click “Select Autodetect” in the encoding window;
3. Switch to the "Simplified Chinese" option (as shown below) and finally restart the browser.
Under normal circumstances, the default encoding of win7 64-bit pure browser webpage is in the state of "automatic detection", the garbled webpage may be caused by the user accidentally clicking the browser encoding setting, we can follow the detection The method of encoding the browser related settings, then open the garbled problem of the web page can be easily solved.

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