How to set the track when the Win8 system mouse moves?

Win8 mobile mouse appears track setting method:
First step: return to the traditional desktop position of win8 system, press Win+X shortcut key on Win8 computer keyboard to open the computer shortcut menu, then in the shortcut menu Click to enter the control panel interface;
Step 2: In the open control panel interface, click to select <; hardware and sound & rdquo; & mdash; > & ldquo; mouse & rdquo;, then you can enter the mouse settings The window is up.
Step 3: In the mouse settings window, click the “pointer" tab to go to the pointer setting interface, then check the <quo;display pointer track” option, and finally click the OK button at the bottom of the window. Save the settings.

The above is the introduction of the setting method of the moving mouse movement track in Win8. Friends who have the same problem can try it out, hope to help you.

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