What changes in DirectX function in Windows 8


DirectX function has been in the previous system, I believe everyone should be familiar with it, but what is the evolution of such a function in win8 system? Windows8 will experience Not quite similar to the original DirectX 10 to DirectX 11 jump, in fact, Win8 or DirectX 11, but this does not mean no improvement. The enhancement of Windows 8 DirectX 11 features will ultimately benefit not only developers, but also users and system manufacturers.

At the Microsoft Development Center, Microsoft released a Windows Display Driver Model Enhancements white paper for developers, specifically for Windows 8 Build 8102 Milestone 3 (M3).

Microsoft emphasizes that even on low-power hardware, application design can take advantage of DirectX's performance to achieve high performance, such as Pixel formats (5551, 565, 4444).

Microsoft's Windows 8 DirectX has more outstanding improvements as follows:

1. High-performance improvements, no need to involve the CPU, only use the GPU to improve "advanced rendering model" ; Performance: Double precision rendering function.

2, improve the anti-aliasing performance of D2D: target independent rasterization

3, the application is used in mobile and other low-power platforms using texture rendering: no overwrite /discard

4, new features, DX11.1 hardware, all the rendering process can be carried out "Shader Debugging".

5, do not need to allocate a large amount of "sample", you can use the "high-precision rendering algorithm": multi-sample anti-aliasing

6, improved support for delayed rendering: Logic Ops

7. Provide efficient buffers for game developers: improved constant buffers.

DirectX is an indispensable feature for us, so you can experience it. Early adopters can download the white paper on WDDM 1.2, and get more detailed information about Windows 8 DirectX enhancements. More importantly, you can also test it yourself through the Windows 8 Developer Preview; of course, pay attention to some of the problems that the preview version currently has, including driver incompatibility.

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