Win8.1 install Flash plugin prompts how to solve the installation error?


I believe everyone knows that Win8.1 video playback requires Flash Play plugin support, so watching the video must install the Flash plugin to watch the video, but recently Win8 users have encountered the inability to play, when installing the latest version of the Flash plugin Prompt error, what is going on? This situation indicates that Flash Play is already installed on the system because the ie add-on is not open. So how to solve this situation? The following small series for everyone to introduce Win8.1 install Flash plugin prompt installation error encountered.


1, ie open the browser, then click & ldquo; Tools - on Internet Explorer & rdquo ;, ie browser to view the version is the latest version, as shown below :

2, then open again & ldquo; tools - View add-& rdquo ;, in the window that pops up, click on the left side of the & ldquo; toolbars and extensions & rdquo ;, & ldquo not found on the right side ; Flash Player & rdquo; add-ins, as shown below:

3, turn on the computer antivirus software or firewall, check whether it is time to clean up the clean-out plug-ins, such as 360 security guards is In the "kill kill repair & mdash; recovery area" can find the plugin that was cleaned up by mistake, find the "Flash Player" plugin that was cleaned up, click "Restore".

The above is a small version for everyone to introduce the Win8.1 installation Flash plugin prompt installation error encountered, if the user encounters the above situation, you can follow the above steps.

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